macOS Mojave : Everything you need to know about the latest macOS

Every year, Apple brings something new, something exciting for it’s users and this year too, Apple did the same. On the very first day of WWDC 2018, Apple announced the new macOS called Mojave. Apple names it’s macOS series after inspired locations in California and this time it was inspired by the desert called Mojave. While introducing the new OS to the world, Tim Cook mentioned that Mojave is “inspired by pro users, but designed for everyone.”

Should you choose cross-platform mobile development or native mobile app development?

When someone decides to develop a mobile application the most common confusion arises is about the approach to get the app developed. Frankly, we can not recommend a single method. The selection depends on different factors and in this article, we will help in clearing this doubt for you by telling you the difference between native and cross-platform development.

Usage of Blockchain in Logistics Applications

Defined as distributed ledger technology, blockchain finds its utility in recording transactions between parties in a permanent and secure manner. If you were using third parties to verify, coordinate and record transactions then Symbyotic’s Blockchain in Logistics...

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